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About Us

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How it Began

The Pursuit Church saw not only a need in the Minot community for childcare but also supporting parents in teaching the next generation of Jesus. After many months of planning what that would look like, The Pursuit Preschool was launched the fall of 2022. The Pursuit Preschool uses FunShine Express as their curriculum, which is a local company that includes both secular and non-secular education while meeting all ND stands as required by the state. This is a research-based curriculum that empowers preschoolers to achieve learning goals in many new and exciting ways.


The Pursuit Preschool provides a high-quality, faith-based education that ensures every child gains the knowledge and skills to lead a life of impact and faith-driven purpose.

The Pursuit Church

The Pursuit Preschool is affiliated with the 20th Ave campus of The Pursuit Church. To learn more about the church and services visit: or

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We aim to be a locally respected preschool program recognized for providing high-quality, faith-based early learning experiences for all children of our community.

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