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August 2023 Newsletter

Words from the Director

As we prepare for preschool, please know that I will concentrate on literacy throughout the school day! Your kiddos will see different stations in the classroom that gear toward letter and number recognition, early reading, and writing skills too! Aside from healthy social skills, I believe building literacy skills is a critical functional skill. I intend to immerse our learners in it as much as possible. Literacy is a part of everything we do daily, so we need to work on these skills at all levels.

Here are a few ways that we will work on them in the classroom:

- I will have work tasks incorporating literacy skills throughout the preschool day. From alphabetizing to letter matching, the kiddos will see that there are simple ways to create a task requiring early reading skills. Please note that consistent repetition will help skill generalization into everyday life.

- On occasion, I may send extra practice for literacy skills home for homework. This is a great way to include everyone in this functional skillset. It won’t be complicated but may consist of writing new vocabulary words or finding words with a specific letter on the items in the fridge, etc...

We see STEAM everywhere we go these days! In Minot, the discovery center on north hill is full of it, have you been there yet? The curriculum used at The Pursuit Preschool has blogged about how cool STEAM truly is!

Recently, I completed the training to use the ASQ SE 2 & 3 (ages and stages questionnaire) and look forward to completing it with your family! The ASQ SE 2 & 3 is a social-emotional screening program. Screening provides a quick check of your child’s development to make sure they are developing on schedule. The information on this questionnaire is confidential. I will not share the information with anyone without your consent. Your answers show your child’s social-emotional strengths, as well if there are any behaviors you would like to talk about. Your answers help me know what type of information I can gather for you. Your answers help me get to know your child better and how I can support them in the classroom. If you have questions or concerns about any of your child’s behaviors that are beyond my knowledge, then I can help you find other resources or agencies in our community that can help.

I am so excited about the new school year!

Please email me: or call me at The Preschool at 701-389-2769 if you have any questions or concerns

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