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June/July 2023 Newsletter

Words from Our Director

Hello All! KinderCamp is in full swing! We have been busy creating things, and learning the bible scripture: “For we walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7. We practice what to do when there’s a fire drill, how to line up and walk back to class and how to transition from one activity to another smoothly. We practice math skills, writing skills and early reading skills as well. There are a few openings available for the July 31- Aug 10th session, if you want your child to get a jump start on these kindergarten skills. Please stop by to visit anytime! I am at the preschool all summer!

Rainy and foggy day in the forest

Learning About the Weather

Our weather in Minot and the surrounding areas change randomly and here are some fun ways to talk to your child about the sky and the clouds that go along with Eric Carle’s book, “Little Cloud.”

A young girl planting indoors

How to Grow Independence

Wow! The growth that takes place as children go from toddler to kindergartener is so extremely amazing to witness and as an educator, I love to encourage independence as students show that they are comfortable to move forward. Please see these links for ways to encourage independence.

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