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November 2023 Newsletter

Halloween was a blast and now we quickly move into Thanksgiving and Christmas! The preschoolers have already been practicing their lines and dance moves for their Christmas program! They are so excited about being on the stage! The Christmas program will be on Dec. 13 and Dec. 14. More information regarding that will be sent out over the next few weeks.

The preschool will be closed on the following days:

November 10th (Veteran’s Day)

November 23 and November 24 (Thanksgiving)

December 25 – January 1 (Christmas)

Classes will resume on January 2, 2024

Words from the Director:

We do so many crafts, projects, journal entries, and artistic activities throughout the preschool day. I am so happy to learn how wonderful it is for the student's development, I wanted to share more about it with you…please check out this cool informational:

The Importance of Arts and Crafts for Early Childhood Development

How arts education builds better brains and better lives

Music and Movement for Kids: 26 Fun Activities

Dance party time during preschool is something all of the students look forward to! It’s great exercise and this article provides some at-home fun too.

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