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Our Program

​"Children are a gift from the Lord
they are a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3



Tuition is the same for morning and afternoon classes. The registration fee is equal to one month's tuition but will replace the final month.

MWF: $225
TTH: $215

Class Structure


Each class will have the same structure and lessons.​

1. Greeting & Sign up in on the white board.

2. Circle time: Welcome song, prayer, Bible story, Bible verse, a little yoga & the Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Discuss vocabulary words and do a craft at the table.

4. Free play/center.

5. Transition back to table for math and science time.

6. Snack time & story

7. Journal time using past vocabulary words & practice writing, identifying and matching letters.

8. Dance and big body movement.

9. Transition to table for a project and a story.

10. Social-emotional language at table using mirrors and tapping.

11. Head home



The Pursuit Preschool takes places at the 20th Ave Pursuit Church location in Minot, ND.

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Fall 2023 Semester

Fall registration is now open!

School Begins August 28th

Pick Up and Drop Off


The check-in and check-out station is used to sign your preschooler in and out each day. After checking in you can walk your child over to his or her locker in the preschool room, or they can walk over independently. When it is time to leave at the end of class, it is requested that you come into the classroom to get your preschooler.

Morning Class

Drop off no earlier than 8:15am

Class starts promptly at 8:30am

Pick up no later than 11:45am

Class is out 11:30am

Afternoon Class

Drop off no earlier than 12:15pm

Class starts promptly at 12:30pm

Pick up no later than 3:45pm

Class is out 3:30pm

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How can I learn more about supporting my preschooler's learning?

Families recieve a monthly newsletter for both the faith-based and secular curriculum, so everyone is in the loop. You can always call or email the director for more information.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, the registration fee is equivalent to one month's tuition, to be paid in advance. This payment, however, covers the final tuition payment in May.

Do you take three-year-old students?

Yes, as long as they are potty trained! We work really hard on social skills and getting along with others, and the sooner they start learning that, the more success they will have in kindergarten and on.

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